VR world

When this world isn't enough, take a step into the VR world

How to start?

Just start! If you have all the equipments to step into the VR world, just step into it. What ever your subject is, there are plenty of possibilities to use VR.

VR in biology teaching

In biology the problem with the teaching is often that the text or picture isn't enough to demonstrate the theory. How much easier would it be, if you could step in side the cell, or tear the heart apart to discover the anatomy of the heart. Well now you can! 

 VR world can also be used in the research part of the teaching. Put on your heart rate monitor, your VR glasses, take an elevator to top of a skyscraper and start walking along a narrow plank. Then jump. Let's see, how your heart rate is changing only by stimulating the psychological part of your body. You can also play the horror game and fight the zombies. That can also have huge effect on your heart rate.

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VR in geography teaching

In geography there are many geological formations, that you have teach to the students. There are volcanos, mountain ranges, rivers and other places that lose their topographty in the book pictures. In virtual reality you can go to the top of the mountain and figure out, how the whole landscape has formed. Or how the rivers can meander through the vallies. 

 You can also take a walk through the slum and after that through the high class residental area. That is one way to demonstrate the inequality of this world.

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